Empowered SAFETY Helping YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Your Family's Safety
Is ALL That Matters

The most important role of a parent and family is to ensure the safety and well being of our children.

That said, the amount of information related to the safety of our children and family is overwhelming. The "information overload" of critical product recalls, the immediacy of food recalls, and reports of risks and dangers in the home happen nearly every day.

With hundreds of sources for information and dozens of government agencies responsible for oversight, it would take countless hours to keep track of what is important for your children's and family's safety.

Families Are Busier Than Ever

In today's world, the demands on our time keep increasing. Keeping track of our children, families and everyone's schedules, let alone trying to find time to sleep, can be tremendously difficult.

At the same time, we worry about the health and safety of our children and family at every moment of every day. Some of these risks, like food contamination, may be immediate. Some risks, like general home safety, help us make better decisions on a daily basis.

How We Empower YOU

As a Member of Empowered SAFETY, we help simplify your life by making it easy for you to be informed about critical information about your children's and family's safety. Our Research Team collects this critical information and delivers it directly to you.

Empowered SAFETY monitors and tracks these key areas to help YOU keep YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY SAFE:

For less than 50 cents per day,* we deliver this information to you, so that you can make the best decisions about your children's and family's safety.

Depending upon the severity of the issues we find, Members receive email Alerts and Updates from Empowered SAFETY including: Priority Alerts, Regular Updates and your End of Week Update via our email delivery system.

Members typically receive Updates from Empowered SAFETY 1-3 times per week to help YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE. Additional sources of information that we uncover will be added to your Personal SAFETY Center.

*Basic and Premium Services Only

What We Monitor

and Deliver to YOU

Empowered SAFETY monitors actual consumer complaints and tracks product and food recalls and warnings to government agencies. We also monitor news reports, legal filings, press releases, chat rooms, blog postings, and federal and state agency websites for outbreaks and health alerts, as well as Member-reported product issues – all critical for helping YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Premium Members can match their own products with the hundreds of thousands of child products we monitor to be alerted to product-specific complaints, recalls or Member-reported issues. Premium Members can also search our monitored products to see if there are any issues uncovered BEFORE YOU BUY.

For additional security, Premium Members can add Caregivers to Empowered SAFETY's Alerts. You determine the important people in your children's lives that should receive our Alerts and Updates, including grandparents, other family members, babysitters, stepfamilies and others, so that the Caregivers in your children's lives receive the same information to help YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Try Us for FREE for Two Weeks

Empowered SAFETY is dedicated to providing you with information to help YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE. To demonstrate the power of membership, we offer a No-Risk, Two-Week, FREE Trial.

Just take a few minutes to Sign Up and you will receive your first two weeks of services at no charge. At any moment during the Two-Week FREE-Trial, you can cancel at no cost to you. Once you become a Member of Empowered SAFETY, you still have the option to cancel your membership at any time with no additional cost.

No matter how busy we all are, the risks to our children and families are too great to ignore, the consequences too severe not to know.

Try Empowered SAFETY today and begin taking charge of your children and family's safety.

Empowered SAFETY – Helping YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.