At Empowered SAFETY we do only one thing: provide parents, families and caregivers information to help keep their children and families safe. Our Research Team collects this critical information, and for less than 50 cents per day* we deliver this information to you so that you can make the best decisions about YOUR FAMILY'S SAFETY.

The Power of Membership - How we Empower YOU

With hundreds of sources for information and dozens of government agencies responsible for oversight, it would take countless hours for you to keep track of what is important for your family's safety. At the same time, the risks are too great to ignore, the consequences too severe not to know.

Empowered SAFETY monitors and tracks key areas to help YOU keep YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY SAFE

Empowered SAFETY monitors and tracks product and food recalls and warnings, consumer complaints to government agencies, news reports, press releases, and federal and state agency websites for outbreaks and health alerts, as well as Member-reported issues – all critical for helping YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Our Premium Services alert YOU to issues with YOUR products

Premium Members can match their own products with the hundreds of thousands of child products we monitor to be alerted to product-specific complaints, recalls or Member-reported issues. Premium Members can also search our monitored products to see if there are any issues uncovered BEFORE YOU BUY.

Premium Members can add Caregivers to Empowered SAFETY's Alerts. You determine the important people in your child's life that should receive our Alerts and Updates, including grandparents, other family members, babysitters, stepfamilies and others, so that the Caregivers in your children's lives receive the same information to help YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Information about YOUR FAMILY's SAFETY delivered to YOU

On an almost daily basis, government agencies and the media report on potential risks to your family and home, including product and food warnings and recalls, as well as health and wellness concerns like regional outbreaks. The frequency of these reports can be overwhelming if you were to try to follow it yourself. Empowered SAFETY's Research Team collects this critical information and delivers it directly to you.

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Empowered SAFETY – Helping YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.