Empowered SAFETY's Premium Services

With our Premium Services, Members can register their products with Empowered SAFETY and:

Receive reports on recalls or consumer complaints to government agencies for the products that YOU OWN

Be notified of manufacture or retailer warnings or press releases for YOUR products

Receive notification from other Members who report an issue with YOUR products

Search our database of thousands of children's products for consumer and Member complaints, BEFORE YOU BUY

Premium Members can match their own products across the 12 categories of children's products that we track. As part of the matching process, Premium Members have the option to match directly with a specific product or family of products. For example, you may decide to match your child's car seat to a specific manufacturer's family of car seats, in case these products share design elements or common parts.

For additional security, Premium Members can add Caregivers to Empowered SAFETY's Alerts. You determine the important people in your children's lives that should receive our Alerts and Updates, including grandparents, other family members, babysitters, stepfamilies and others, so that the Caregivers in your children's lives receive the same information to help YOU keep YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Premium Members also receive our
Basic Service.

With our Basic Services, Members receive:

Food recalls and warning notifications to help prevent food-related illnesses and deaths

Home safety information to help keep your family safe in the home

Health and wellness information to keep your family healthy and safe

Review all the issues and information found by Empowered SAFETY in YOUR Personal SAFETY Center.

All Members can view further information, uncovered by Empowered SAFETY in their Personal SAFETY Center. The amount of information available to us can seem overwhelming. There can be several sources for the same report or similar information from multiple sources. We try to bring you the most relevant and most original source of information in your Alerts and Updates. Other information or reports for the same issue can be found in your Personal SAFETY Center. Just log in to your account and you can review additional information to see what other information we've uncovered about an issue.

In terms of Product Safety, our Research Staff monitors hundreds of thousands of products in these 12 categories EVERY DAY:

Bathing & Skin Care
Potty Training
Car Seats & Accessories
Pregnancy & Maternity
Health & Baby Care

For a full list of all the sub-categories click here