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Our Focus in
Four Key Areas
Hundreds of
Information Sources

Product Safety in 12 categories
Food Safety
Home Safety
Health and Wellness

Federal, and State Governments, Member Added Issues, News Reports, Manufacture and Retailer Press Releases, plus other Public Sources.

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YOUR Location
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Match YOUR PRODUCTs with the hundreds of thousands that we monitor for Government Recalls, Consumer Complaints and Member Reported Issues. Also, research BEFORE you BUY.

National, regional and state food recalls and warnings. Also regional cold, flu and other health & wellness concerns.

Age and Gender specific information to help keep your children safe.

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Priority Alerts
Regular Updates
End of Week Update
Your SAFETY Center

Priority Alerts are a single identified issue that you should be aware of ASAP.

Regular Updates are email notifications with one or several issues identified.

End of Week Updates contain all issues uncovered in the past week.

Your Personal SAFETY Center contains all the issues uncovered, in one convenient place.

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