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Empowered SAFETY has thousands of consumer complaints in our database and continues to capture new complaints, as well as Member-reported issues and recalls. Our Research Staff matches these complaints to the hundreds of thousands of products that we monitor.

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Some of the examples listed below may be for products that have since been recalled, but many are for products that are still being sold and used by children and families. As a Member of Empowered SAFETY, you can be alerted to these issues quickly.

Please Note: Manufacturer and Product Names are Redacted (removed) for the examples below. The full-unedited record with Manufacturer and Product Name is fully visible to Members when searching for or matching their products in their Personal SAFETY Center.

Complaint Examples


I was using the [Redacted] rocking seat as the instructions and guidelines suggest. I was letting my 6 week old nap in the rocking chair attachment on the play yard. When I went to check on her, I found her still strapped in, but her head turned and face flush against the head support padding. She was not able to breathe. Thankfully she was not injured, but if I would not have checked on her when I did, she would have suffocated.


My child was seriously hurt while using a [Redacted]. Her front tooth was ripped out of her mouth, when she had a fall in the playard, and her tooth was stuck in a mechanism that releases the sides of the playard. The mechanism acted as a hook that my daughters tooth got stuck on. I was advised at the hospital that this type of injury could of also broken her jaw, and they are unsure as to what damage there may be to her permanent tooth. My daughter continually suffers from pain from this injury.


When I took the sleeper apart to wash some dirty marks off the sides, to my horror I noticed tons of mold in the bottom part of the sleeper!!!!! I am a clean freak and was mortified that our baby girl had been sleeping in mold for untold amounts of time! She has had sleep apnea and other breathing issues.


This is in regards to the [Redacted]: We had to cut one of the slats on the crib because our 15 month old son's leg got got in between two of the side rails! He was screaming and crying because he couldn't get his leg out. I did not expect this to happen with this product since we purchased this crib based on its high reviews (online and in baby books). I now have a crib with a sawed-through slat! I was informed by the manufacturers of this crib [Redacted] that the crib is made to the specs of the CPSC. I also read that this is a general issue with all cribs (and kids getting their legs caught between the rails) and the suggested solution is to place a breathable bumper in the crib. It is my understanding that bumpers shouldn't be placed in cribs (to prevent SIDS). So, my question is, isn't there a better solution?


I am writing about the [Redacted] My 9 month old baby fell out of the highchair, hit the floor and had a bloody nose. We are very lucky he was not hurt anymore other than bruises. The highchair does not have an extra safety lock. There is no stabilization bar between the legs and there is not a lock on the tray before it comes off. This is a HUGE safety hazard. After reading product reviews, other parents have had similar issues. PLEASE, take this product off the market!!!! [Redacted] needs to be required to have extra safety on the highchair.


[Redacted] child seat, model number [Redacted} which was manufactured on july 9, 2008. While driving she noticed that the occupant in the child seat was chocking. She stopped the vehicle and the occupant was expelling stomach contents through his nose. The driver found a tag in the child's mouth that read " made in mexico" that was removed from the safety seat by the child. The contact was very concerned about the safety risk. She attempted to notify the manufacturer; however, no one was available.


My daughter was having her morning bottle when she started to gag and choke. I rushed to her. Milk was flooding her face and she was struggling to get something out of her mouth. The nipple tip broke off in her mouth! I am an RN and was able to safely remove the broken tip from her throat. I have a picture of this, and have saved the item.


We purchased a baby gate manufactured by [Redacted] .The gait was properly installed and in use for a few days. Our 3-year old niece opened the gait door and lacerated her pinky finger in the hinge area. The gate door nearly amputated her finger. She was rushed to the ER and an orthopedist sutured her finger back together. X-rays revealed that her finger was not only lacerated but also broken. Her entire fingernail was found on the floor next to the gait. The part of the door/gate that caused this injury was pre-assembled before shipping. Therefore, there is nothing I did wrong during assembly to create this pinch-point. It is interesting to note that the picture of the gate on the box has a different door mechanism than the one we received in the box. I feel this gait needs to be recalled because it has an obvious pinch-point that will amputate fingers. We have other gates in our house from [Redacted] but they are different model numbers and slightly different gates. The other gates don't have this same dangerous door mechanism. I hope this saves other children from having to endure the pain of this injury.


My son started out with what looked like a diaper rash, though when I wiped it with a wipe he screamed and hollored at me. I finished up by putting ointment on it and then let him go to bed for the night. The next morning the 'rash' had changed into a deep red color and there were scabs forming on it. He is still screaming whenever I try to wipe his bottom. His diaper rashes have never been this dark or ever scabbed over and he has no fever or anything that goes with a virus or infection, I am going to schedule an appointment to find out for sure, but I know what a burn is and that's what this looks like. I have a picture of what it looks like but I am not going to post it on this incident report. I stopped using the diapers after incident took place and I do plan on contacting them because this should not be happening.


My daughter fell and impaled herself on the tray knob sticking our of the legs of the [Redacted] high chair. She was bleeding and still has a large scar 3 years later.


After using bottles given to us by our adopted daughter's foster mom, we found out that the ounces marked on the bottles are not accurate. In other words, when you measure 4 ounces in a measuring cup and pour it in the bottle, it shows the water at 4.5 ounces. This means that when mixing formula straight in the bottle, as is common, you have formula that is more concentrated than intended which can be very dangerous for the baby.


I found my 2 yr old son almost strangled today in his bed. He had a string from the mattress wrapped extremely tight around his neck, he couldn't move. He just screamed and cried. Luckily I came to get him right away, but the horrible thing is I don't always come get him right away hoping he will put himself back to sleep. He would have lost air and died and I would have thought it was just him going back to sleep. Anyways, the top of the mattress is filled with pockets of string that can easily be accessed. It's an organic mattress so that was their idea for keeping airflow. They need to redo the product and made the pockets full of PIECES of string, not yards long of string. I have two mattresses (twins) that are less than two years old. The kids never have sharp objects in bed, it's merely just their hands taking this apart. The pockets are only covered with and fine layer of cheese cloth like material, very very thin! Both beds are falling apart. When I reported this to the company today they told me they would send me a replacement cover. They are not considering the fact that this can happen to other babies!,! Sickening This needs to be stopped ASAP! I can't believe tons of babies are exposed to this string and parents don't realize it's in their beds... Unsupervised!!


On Dec. 23, 2011 we found our five-month-old son dead in his [Redacted]. He was rolled three-quarters of the way onto his belly, face down and with his weight pressing him into in the non-breathable plastic siding of the travel crib. As per manufacturer's instructions, we had not zippered the travel bed shut, so his legs were hanging out of the door of the travel bed. He may have suffocated, or he may have rolled there after/as he died from SIDS, or another cause. Regardless, though, I do not believe that this tent should be marketed as safe for infants. It is advertised as breathable, yet the area where a baby would put his face is wind-resistant and fire-resistant (according to a company spokesman who spoke with one of our friends after the incident), and is not breathable. In addition, the tent is malleable, and a baby can roll into the siding, molding his face and body into the non-breathable areas in a way that would not be possible in the more rigid siding of a [playpen].


I purchased a [Redacted] car seat a few months ago. This seat frequantly has problems locking into it's base. We recently worked for 10 minutes attempting to get it to lock properly prior to my infant son's doctor appointment.


I purchased [Redacted] brand disposable diapers and his mother put one on my grandson at night before he went to sleep for the night. He is 3 months old. In the morning he had developed a sever rash which caused bleeding in his groin area. His mother took him to the clinic in which the doctor diagnosed it to be a sever reaction to some chemical in the diaper. This is the first time he has worn this particular brand of diaper and the first rash he has ever had. The [REDACTED] brand that he was using did not cause this reaction and it is what he is now using exclusively again. I returned the unused diapers to [Redacted] and told the store manager about the problem and he did not seem concerned. [Redacted] refunded my purchase and took back the unused diapers. I would like to warn other consumers to be especially aware of the possible reaction that is so sever and so very dangerous to infants. Thank you.


My 3 year old was sitting in his [Redacted] and reached for something causing the highchair to tip. His head hit the corner of the table necessitating a trip to the pediatricians office, then the ER where he had a CT scan to determine if his skull was cracked. It also required a follow up hearing to test to determine if his hearing had been affected.


My 11 month old daughter, [REDACTED] fell from the baby carrier on April 6th 2011 and suffered a skull fracture and two small subdural bleeds as a result. She was attached in the carrier to my chest at the time of the incident and we were walking to the car in the parking lot. She bended to the side and the last thing I saw was that she hit the pavement and was down already. The carrier has a larger opening on the side comparing to other carriers allowing for a small baby to slide through. Please investigate the product in order to spare other parents from what we've been through. [REDACTED] is fine now, she had no brain trauma or permennat damage.


I'm not sure how to go about this, so this is the first place where I am starting...My son, [REDACTED], died in an [Redacted]. I now know that three other infants died in the sling. We thought it was SIDS because he was a healthy baby. But on October 11, 2008, I used the sling and when I checked on him, I knew something wasn't right and I knew he was already gone.[REDACTED] was born [REDACTED].It has been a very rough couple of years and I feel a lot of guilt because I was the one who put him in that sling. If I would have known the safety concerns, I would have never used it.


Incident has not happened, but the safety hazards are more than obvious. The bassinet has a mattress that came with the product and it does not lay flat. it folds up and wrinkles up posing a suffocation hazard. Also the double canopy sinks inside of the sleeping area of the bassinet and can sink as far down as an inch away from the mattress which can potentially trap the infants body and could pose a suffocation hazard.


I own two [Redacted] carseats for my twins. One of them the handle has been stuck in the upright position for some time and we have learned to deal with it. However the other handle had given way once two weeks ago while carrying my son out to the yard for fresh air. He fell forward onto the grass and i felt terrible believing that i had not locked it in place. I made sure to double check it from then on. But to my horror it occurred again last week while leaving a restaurant. This time my little one fell forward onto tile floor causing contusions to his head, face and nose. He was treated at the local er. I have emailed [Redacted]. Called three times and still no one has responded. Customer serv. Has stated only that the handles cannot be repaired but i am not to return the car seats to the store but to wait for a call from them. [Redacted] has offered to refund or replace them but the company itself has not even returned my call. Being in the military with 6 children including baby twins we are on a fixed income and cannot afford to put out the expense to buy two more car seats so i simply wanted these replaced. Having to carry two babies everywhere makes the handles a necessity so this is causing me alot of difficulty. I do not know what to do at this point. I am frustrated and getting more angry by the minute at the irresponsibility and lack of attention [Redacted] is giving this situation. I fear this incident may occur to other families using this product.


The boot falls off when it is supposed to be secured to the base. Also, the harness is hard to adjust, the straps are fraying, and the buckle is hard to undo. Nothing has been replaced, and [Redacted] refuses to talk about it, saying that the seat is safe to use. This seat is supposed to be good for 8 years. It started to get hard to use at only 4 years. I can't see this seat lasting another 3.5 years.


We purchased the [Redacted] car seat for my 1 year old daughter. Initially, we were pleased with the product, however, about three weeks ago, she began to unbuckle the harness tie (chest clip). She is currently 14 months and i firmly believe that no child should be able to manipulate their car seat. Especially, at the age of 14 months when the child is unable to conceptualize the importance of properly wearing a seat belt. A typical car ride is as follows: my daughter is appropriately secured in her seat, but before even reaching the end of our road the chest clip is already unfastened. It is not practical to pull the car over every time this event occurs to only have it happen again before putting the car in drive. Furthermore, since a 14 month old is able to manipulate the upper restraint of a car seat and is now only secured by the lower leg straps she is in jeopardy of incurring serious injuries if we were to be involved in a car accident. Additionally, we are now not in compliance with state child restraint laws. I did contact [Redacted] requesting a different car seat or refund, so that a new seat could be purchased. Their response: "we have ordered a new harness tie to be sent to you. Sometimes when the plastic is new it is a little stiffer, therefore making it harder for the child to open." we were sent a replacement clip, which was installed and then opened by our 14 month old, again, before we even made it to the end of our street. [Redacted] was contacted again and they have since agreed to issue a refund. This is not a minor safety concern, children could be seriously injured if not properly restrained and there is no form of proper restraint when a car seat can be manipulated by a 14 month old.