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Providing a safe environment for the daily care of children has its challenges. At the same time, you are running a business with the typical business requirements like: complying with state and federal laws and regulations, staffing and training, payroll and taxes, budgeting and expenses, supplies and equipment, as well as marketing and customer relations.

With all of those requirements, Day Care Centers also have specific requirements and concerns that are unique to being the caretaker of children. These requirements and concerns include providing a safe facility, complying with fire safety standards, ensuring your location is properly childproofed, confirming the products children play with are safe, as well as the overall security of your location.

In today's world, outside childcare is a fact of life for most families. Selecting a place where they know their children are safe is what matters most to parents and families. Knowing that your Day Care Center is taking steps to help keep their children safe is a key advantage when parents make their decision on whom to trust with their children.

Day Care Centers use Empowered SAFETY for the same reasons that families use us, we provide information to HELP YOU keep CHILDREN SAFE. Just like families, Day Care Centers face the same concerns related to Product Safety, Food Safety, Home Safety and Health and Wellness. As the regular caretaker of children, their health and safety is your utmost priority.

Empowered SAFETY monitors and tracks product and food recalls and warnings, consumer complaints to government agencies, news reports, legal filings, press releases, chat rooms, blogs, and federal and state agency websites for outbreaks and health alerts, as well as Member-reported issues – all to HELP YOU keep CHILDREN SAFE.

Premium Day Care Members can match their own products with the hundreds of thousands of child products we monitor to be alerted to product-specific complaints, recalls or Member-reported issues. Premium Day Care Members can also search our monitored products to see if there are any issues uncovered BEFORE YOU BUY.

Our Research Team monitors hundreds of thousands of products in these 12 categories EVERY DAY

Bathing & Skin Care
Potty Training
Car Seats & Accessories
Pregnancy & Maternity
Health & Baby Care

For a full list of all the sub-categories click here

Depending upon the severity of the issues we find, Day Care Members receive email Alerts and Updates from Empowered SAFETY including: Immediate Alerts, Regular Updates and your End of Week Update via our email delivery system. With both of our Day Care plans you can add multiple email accounts so that the members of your staff are notified of any issues we uncover.

Just take a few minutes to Sign Up and you will receive your first two weeks of services at no charge. At any moment during the Two-Week FREE-Trial, you can cancel at no cost to you. Once you become a Day Care Member of Empowered SAFETY, you still have the option to cancel your membership at any time with no additional cost.

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